With a father like WWE Hall of Famer “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, Tamina’s knack for climbing the turnbuckle and punishing her opponents is a nod to the type of dazzling aerial offense her dad made famous. First aligning herself with Jimmy & Jey Uso, this second-generation competitor made a literal splash during her WWE debut in May 2010, when she led a top-rope assault on “the first family of sports-entertainment,” The Hart Dynasty. Jumping to SmackDown in 2011 as part of the Supplemental Draft, Tamina immediately made her presence known on Friday nights.

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    Date: May 4, 2015
    Recap: The Bella Twins are making their way to the ring for a match when they are jumped from behind by Naomi and Tamina. Tamina lays out Nikki with a superkick and Naomi winds up laying Brie out with an inzaguri, Naomi grabs the microphone and says that the Bella Twins reign over the division has come to an end.
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    WWE Live Event Results – May 23, 2015
      Posted by Posted on May,24 2015 Filed under WWE Houseshow Results  

    Tamina Snuka attended a WWE live event Saturday night in Worcester, Massachusetts. She was in singles action taking on Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship. The results from the live event can be read below.

    6. Nikki Bella beat Tamina to retain the WWE Divas Championship. Nikki won with a rollup in virtually the same finish as the PTP tag match.

    credit: gerweck.net

    WWE Live Event Results – May 21, 2015
      Posted by Posted on May,23 2015 Filed under WWE Houseshow Results  

    Tamina Snuka attended a WWE live event Thursday night in Manchester, New Hampshire, taking on Nikki Bella in singles action. The results from the live event can be read below.

    – Nikki Bella (no Brie) defeated Tamina Snuka

    credit: pwinsider.com

    WWE Power Ranking: May 22, 2015
      Posted by Posted on May,23 2015 Filed under WWE Power Rankings  

    WWE.com, in conjunction with the Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences (AWAS), ranks the Top 25 Superstars in WWE each week with Power Rankings. The rankings are based on victories, quality of opponents, momentum and overall in-ring dominance, as well as intangibles. Below is Tamina’s ranking for the week of May 22nd.

    Rank: 19 | Previous: 22
    Tamina Snuka
    Tamina reaffirmed her status as one of the most merciless Divas around by beating The Bella Twins at WWE Payback, and, by staying at Naomi’s side, casts a large shadow over the chase for the Divas Title.

    WWE SmackDown Results – May 21, 2015
      Posted by Posted on May,22 2015 Filed under WWE Photos, WWE Results  

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    We are back and Paige makes her way to the ring.

    She says it is so good to be back. Last time she saw everyone, she was in her home town in England in front of her friends and family in a Divas Battle Royal to get a Divas Title Match. She says that was one of the greatest moments of her career, but her triumph was short lived.

    We see the footage of Naomi’s attack on Paige.

    Paige says that was when Naomi finally became relevant. She tells “Pumpkin” you’re welcome. She says she admires Naomi because she took what she wanted. On the way, she found a boyfriend in Tamina. Paige asks Tamina if she is competing in the wrong division.

    Paige turns her attention back to Naomi. She says she is fully recovered and while she admires that she took what she wanted, she took what is hers. She took her title shot and this is her house.

    Naomi and Tamina Snuka make their way to the ring.

    Naomi tells Paige she must have hit her harder than she thought. Paige does not understand where she is in the pecking order. With her natural ability, charm, and athleticism, Naomi says she deserves to be the top diva. Not someone who made her career by screaming. Paige does not know what it is like to struggle and give your all and be overlooked and unappreciated by the same people you are trying to impress.

    On day one, you received a title shot and you didn’t earn it or deserve it. You have not been here as long as Naomi has. You cannot wait for opportunity and chances. You have to take them and that is what she is doing right now. You had an opportunity but someone more deserving took it from you. Naomi says she took Paige out of the equation.

    Paige says she has done more than either of you in your dinosaur dancing careers. It is more than about athleticism. You need a personality and you don’t have it. You do not lack excuses. Paige tells Naomi to shut up, get over herself and get over it.

    Naomi says she is going to run over Paige or any other Diva who gets in her way. Naomi says that her and Tamina are going to clean house.

    Paige punches Naomi when she gets in the ring. Tamina with a knee to Paige and then Naomi and Tamina attack Paige.

    Nikki Bella’s music plays and Naomi and Tamina get out of the ring. Nikki gets her hands on Tamina and Naomi. Paige sets for RamPaige on Naomi but Nikki with a forearm to Paige and then hits Shock Treatment on Paige.

    credit: pwinsider.com

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    WWE SmackDown Spoiler – May 20, 2015
      Posted by Posted on May,20 2015 Filed under Spoilers  

    WWE taped this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown from the Norfolk Scope Arena in Norfolk, Virginia. Click Read more below to read the results in advance.

    Read more

    WWE Raw Results – May 18 2015
      Posted by Posted on May,19 2015 Filed under WWE Photos, WWE Results  

    1raw51715 2raw51715 3raw51715 4raw51715 5raw51715

    We are back and Naomi is in the Goldman Box. She says she doesn’t get why people are behind the Bellas. She is ten times a better athlete than the both of them. She will get what she has been working for six years to earn. We will get the amazing champion everyone deserves. Tamina says the Divas Division belongs to them.

    Match Number Seven: Nikki Bella versus Naomi (with Tamina Snuka) for the WWE Divas Title

    Naomi pushes Nikki away and then she goes to the apron and slingshots back into the ring. Naomi teases a kick but then she goes back to the apron. Nikki hip tosses Naomi into the ring. Naomi with a kick but Nikki with a slap. Nikki clotheslines Naomi over the top rope to the floor. Nikki with a suicide dive onto Naomi and Tamina. We go to commercial.

    We are back and Naomi with a rear chin lock. We see what happened during the commercial break when Naomi pulled Nikki off the turnbuckles to gain control of the match. We see the medical staff checking on Tamina. Naomi with knees but Nikki with forearms. Nikki with a facebuster.

    Nikki kicks Naomi away and connects with a few clotheslines and a drop kick. Nikki with a back body drop followed by a spinebuster for a near fall. Nikki gets Naomi on her shoulders for Shock Treatment but Tamina with a super kick and the referee calls for the bell.

    Winner: Nikki Bella (by disqualification)

    They continue the two on one attack and Paige makes her way to the ring and she hits a thrust kick on Naomi and she goes to the floor.

    credit: pwinsider.com

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    WWE Payback Results – May 17, 2015
      Posted by Posted on May,19 2015 Filed under WWE Photos, WWE Results  

    1pb51715 2pb51715 3pb51715 4pb51715 5pb51715

    WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella & Brie Bella vs. Naomi & Tamina

    Nikki nailed Naomi with a leaping kick early. Brie tagged in and nailed a flying bodypress for a two count. She nailed a running knee into the ropes but Naomi went to the floor. Tamina drilled her with a kick as she returned to the ring. That allowed Naomi to work her over and score several two counts.

    They worked over Brie until she could finally make a hot tag to Nikki. Naomi is worked over but Tamina broke up the pinfall. She was sent to the floor. It looked like she was supposed to nail Nikki but was late Nikki went to hit her and Naomi naileed the Rearview for a two count. Brie and Tamina battled on the floor. Tamina sent her into the barricade. This distracted Nikki, allowing Naomi to score the pin.

    Your winners, Naomi and Tamina!

    credit: pwinsider.com

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