We see the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title belts.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dean Ambrose is still in the ring and he has a chair.

Dean says he has something serious that he has to tell the people. When he signed with WWE…

Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka make their way to the ring for their match.

Dean and Nia have some words for each other. Nia hits Dean from behind and they have to be separated.

Alexa says being first tag champs is the logical next step. She cannot see anyone else wearing those titles. Mickie asks if they can see Nia and Tamina with those belts. Mickie says it would be like putting lipstick on a pig.

Match Number Two: Mickie James and Alexa Bliss versus Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka in a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match Qualifying Match

Alexa and Tamina start things off and Alexa with a punch but Tamina pushes Alexa to the mat. Alexa with a moonsault knee drop for a near fall. Nia tags in and she splashes Alexa and Mickie is knocked off the apron as we go to commercial.

We are back and Tamina avoids the moonsault knee drop and Tamina punches Alexa and gets a near fall. Tamina with forearms to the back of the head and she applies a reverse chin lock. Tamina with a punch and Irish whip. Bliss with an elbow and a sunset flip for a near fall. Tamina with a forearm to the head. Nia tags in and gives Alexa a head butt. Nia chokes Alexa in the ropes. Nia with a running hip into the corner. Nia pulls Alexa out of the corner. Nia with a cobra clutch on Alexa. Nia sends Alexa into the turnbuckles and Tamina tags in. Tamina with a head butt. Alexa with a sunset flip for a near fall.

Tamina keeps Alexa from making the tag. Tamina goes for a slam but Alexa gets to her feet and Alexa makes the tag. Mickie with a kick and she goes up top and hits a Thesz Press. Mickie with punches and an elbow. Mickie with a head scissors take down and neck breaker for a near fall. Tamina misses a super kick and Mickie with a back heel kick and Nia tags in. Nia misses a splash into the corner and Mickie with a kick and Nia pushes Mickie away. Nia gets Mickie up for a Samoan drop and Alexa goes up top and Nia gets Alexa on her shoulders and hits a double Samoan drop for the three count.

Winners: Tamina Snuka and Nia Jax

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30 Woman Royal Rumble Match

Beth Phoenix joined the commentary team.

Lacey Evans drew #1. Evans took the mic and said, “Tonight, ya’ll will witness history.” She introduced herself and said she was the one and only true lady of WWE. She said she was here to clean up the entire women’s division.

Natalya drew #2.

They faced off and Lacey went for a hiptoss. Natalya blocked it and they faced off. They each went for a dropkick at the same time, missed, and faced off. Evans shoved Natalya. Lacey was clotheslined over the top but landed on the apron and made her way back into the ring, jumping over Natalya’s back. Natalya was caught on the top rope. Evans went for a powerbomb, but Natalya turned it into a rana. Evans missed a moonsault.

Mandy Rose was #3. She nailed a clothesline on Natalya and peppered her with forearms. Mandy tried to toss Natalya over but was fought off. Evans went for a kick but Natalya caught it and slammed her down. Natalya placed them both in the Sharpshooter at the same time. That is such a great spot.

Liv Morgan was #4. She charged Natalya but was backdropped over the top to the floor.

Liv Morgan is eliminated.

Morgan and Mandy double-teamed Natalya but Mandy was quickly turned on. Evans drilled both Mandy and Natalya in the corner.

Mickie James was #5. Mandy kicked down Evans. Mickie hit the ring and clotheslined everyone. She laid out Natalya with a kick. Mandy charged her but Mickie drilled her and hung herself over the ropes with an armbar. She saved herself from elimination, then tossed Mandy over the top. Mandy saved herself from being eliminated but was hit with a Lou Thesz Press.

Ember Moon was #6. Moon nailed a bodypress on James and Natalya. She drilled Evans with a Gourd Buster. Moon worked over Rose in the corner. She tried to toss Rose over the top but Mandy held on. Everyone battled.

Billie Kaye was #7. She refused to get in the ring and instead walked around ringside. She told the announcers that she was waiting for Peyton Royce to come out. Moon nailed a hip attack on Lacey in the corner. Everyone else tried to toss each other over the top.

Nikki Cross was #8. She got a nice pop. She attacked Kaye on the floor, then went to the top and hit a bodypress on everyone battling in the ring. She tossed Lacey over the top but Evans saved herself. Cross nailed a big splash in the corner on Mickie. Mandy confronted her but Cross broke free and nailed an inverted DDT. Kaye finally entered the ring but was tackled by Cross. They brawled on the mat.

Peyton Royce was #9. She charged the ring and attacked Cross. The IIconics worked over Cross. Moon snapped Peyton over with a rana. She tried to toss Peyton over the top but Billie made the save. They worked over Moon. Mickie battled with Lacey. Mandy and Cross battled in the ropes. Moon was tossed over the top but pulled herself through the middle rope to save herself.

Tamina was #10. She attacked everyone, dishing out Samoan Drops. Nikki drilled her with a running forearm. Tamina didn’t move. Cross loved that and they battled. Cross tackled her through the ropes. Tamina returned and nailed a superkick. She went to the top and nailed the Superfly Splash on Cross. Tamina was kicked away as she approached James. James nailed a Thesz Press off the ropes. Everyone battled. Mickie was sent over the top. She fought to get back in the ring but was superkicked off the apron by Tamina.

Mickie James is eliminated.

Xia Li from WWE NXT was #11. She went right after Tamina and nailed her with a spinning kick. She scored with kicks on everyone. She and Tamina battled. It was a little rough but Li drilled her with a version of Trouble in Paradise to take down Tamina.

Sarah Logan was #12. She attacked Natalya and then drilled both of the IIconics with knees. She slammed Moon down, then dumped her over the top. Moon was saved by her boots catching the bottom of the ropes as she hung upside down. Cross was dumped by the IIconics.

Nikki Cross is eliminated.

Charlotte Flair is unlucky #13. Everyone went after her as she hit the ring and she fired away with chops. Lacey Evans dumped both of the IIconics.

Billie Kaye and Peyton Royce are each eliminated.

Xia Li was drilled with a big boot and crashed to the floor.

Xia Li is eliminated.

Charlotte and Tamina chopped each other as everyone else battled.

#14 was Kairi Sane.

Charlotte clotheslined Tamina over the top to the floor.

Tamina is eliminated.

…the rumble continued with Becky Lynch being a surprise entrant and winning.

It is time for A Moment of Bliss.

Alexa welcomes everyone and she mentions the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Alexa shows us some of the women who will be participating in the women’s Royal Rumble match.

Alexa brings out her guest and it is Nia Jax and she mentions that some think she is the favorite to win.

Alexa asks Nia which champion would she choose if she won on Sunday

Ember Moon interrupts before Nia could answer.

Ember takes the mic and Nia throws down her chair.

Ember says she is tired of sitting in that locker room waiting for an invitation that will never come. Ember says she will win the Royal Rumble on Sunday.

Alicia Fox interrupts and she takes the mic. Alicia says she is the captain of this division and she is setting course for Wrestlemania by going through 29 women on Sunday.

Mickie James interrupts. She says she has stolen the show at Wrestlemania before and she is going to do it again.

The Riott Squad, Nikki Cross, and Tamina Snuka come out.

Alexa plays lifeguard and gets on her chair and she does not want her show ruined. Alexa wants eveyrone to calm down.

They listen to Alexa so well and everyone starts brawling.

They fight into the Gorilla Position and then into the back.

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Tamina Snuka attended a WWE RAW live event Sunday night in Wichita Falls, Texas. Tamina was ringside for Nia Jax in her match against Ronda Rousey. The results from the live event can be read below.

6. WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match
Ronda Rousey (c) defeated Nia Jax (w/Tamina Snuka)

Tamina Snuka attended a WWE RAW live event Saturday night in Abilene, Texas. Tamina was ringside for Nia Jax in her match against Ronda Rousey. The results from the live event can be read below.

6. WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match
Ronda Rousey (c) defeated Nia Jax (w/Tamina Snuka)

Tamina Snuka attended a WWE RAW live event Friday night in San Antonio, Texas. Tamina was ringside for Nia Jax in her match against Ronda Rousey. The results from the live event can be read below.

6. WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match
Ronda Rousey (c) defeated Nia Jax (w/Tamina Snuka)

Who Is Tamina Snuka?
With a father like WWE Hall of Famer “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, Tamina’s knack for climbing the turnbuckle and punishing her opponents is a nod to the type of dazzling aerial offense her dad made famous. First aligning herself with Jimmy & Jey Uso, she made a literal splash during her WWE debut in May 2010, when she led a top rope assault on “the first family of sports-entertainment,” The Hart Dynasty. Most recently at WWE Battleground, Tamina and Naomi of Team B.A.D. accompanied Sasha Banks in the Divas revolution Triple Threat Match. Team B.A.D. clashed against Team PCB and Team Bella in a Three-Team Elimination Match at SummerSlam, but Becky Lynch scored the win for her squad. Alongside Naomi and Banks, Tamina is proving time and time against that she is a true force to be reckoned with.
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Date: November 12, 2018
Recap: Tamina Snuka hit the Superfly Splash to defeat Ember Moon. Later on that night, Alexa Bliss named Tamina as one of the members of Team RAW at WWE Survivor Series.
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